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About us

At Humanloop our mission is to make automating tasks as natural as teaching a colleague.

We're building the future in which AI does not replace humans but gives people the tools to achieve things that today are restricted to a tiny group of people with specialist expertise.

Machine learning represents a genuinely new paradigm for software that needs a different approach.

We're starting with tools thats makes it easy to rapidly annotate data, train and deploy natural language processing (NLP) models with humans in the loop. Almost every company could benefit from software that better understands language but building NLP systems today requires specialist expertise and unreasonable amounts of human annotated data.

Our team

Our team have worked on some of the largest AI projects at Google, Microsoft and Amazon, and have studied ML at UCL and Cambridge. We're advised by many of the smartest angels, operators, and researchers and we're backed by Index Ventures and Y Combinator.

Our values

We believe that the reason we'll succeed is because we're committed to learning and growing as quickly as possible. We know there's lots we don't know. What we're doing is fundamentally new and will require overcoming many hurdles. If you believe in our mission, are seeking a challenge and are excited about constantly learning, you'll fit right in.


We believe in:

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